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Food & Beverage Consulting in Connecticut

Connecticut is the southernmost state in New England and is a fantastic place for an investment. It has the highest per-capita income, median household income and a rich history dating back to the origins of America since its first settlements were established in the 1630’s. It is bordered by New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts; it is also often considered as part of the NY and NJ tri-state area meaning plenty of visitors from neighboring states come and go.

With a population near 3.6 million, Connecticut is a location you should consider if you decide to open a restaurant. The seaport city of Bridgeport serves 150,000 people and has beautiful views of the ocean. Hartford and its 125,000 inhabitants offer a diverse community of people from many vibrant backgrounds while bordering the Connecticut River on the east side of the city.

A blend of White, Black and Hispanic inhabitants have shaped the culinary culture of Connecticut providing anyone with multiple culinary niches to fill. Seafood, in particular, is a great option given Connecticut’s history of oyster harvesting. Restaurant success obviously depends on location, but, unfortunately, may also fail due to poor management, irrelevant concept or miscalculated menu. Given the potential pitfalls, if you want to steal your plans against failure, or if you own a restaurant that you feel has not achieved its potential – consider reaching out to Jason Carron at Avery Restaurant Consulting. From building restrictions, licensing, permits or theme and menu planning, Jason can help you do it all.

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