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Bordered by Connecticut and Massachusetts, Rhode Island is nicknamed “The Ocean State”, referring to its breathtaking shoreline bays and inlets. Despite being the smallest in the area and the second least populous state, there’s much to explore and experience in RI. Founded by the Puritan minister Roger Williams, the settlement of Providence became the original religious exile in the nation. Some might say, this fact shaped the mentality of the residents to open-mindedness and tolerance.


Thanks to the state’s cozy oceanside location, the residents are tourists are lucky to indulge in the freshest seafood. Locals’ most favorite and popular delicacy is, of course, clams. In case you didn’t know, one of the most well-known clam dishes, Clams Casino, was originated in Rhode Island. Rhode Island clam chowder, which is a clear-broth variation of this famous Northeastern dish, is unique to the region. Typical in New England white chowder and Manhattan-style red clam chowder are also offered in most restaurants. Another culinary tradition is clam cake, aka clam fritter.

Avery Restaurant Consulting proudly serves the state of Rhode Island. The Ocean State is a perfect destination for every seafood lover. Why not take advantage of this scenic and fruitful location to open your own restaurant? Jason Carron offers an insightful expertise in the restaurant business. Whether you’re starting your restaurant from scratch or taking over an existing establishment, make sure you’re prepared to fulfill your potential to the fullest. Jason can teach you all about the best practices of restaurant management, as well as develop a unique concept and train the kitchen and front of house staff to the best of their ability.

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Rhode Island clam chowder, clear-broth variation of traditional New England dish

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