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Situated on the edge of the Massachusetts border sits Providence, Rhode Island. Once nicknamed “The Beehive of Industry” for its manufacturing prowess in the textile, jewelry, and silverware industries, Providence is now known more for its institutions of higher education and hospitals. In spite of Rhode Island’s small size, Providence is a booming city with plenty to do and see. Founded back in 1636 by Roger Williams on a religious exile from Massachusetts, Providence is now known for having many delicious restaurants, thanks in part to Johnson & Wales University.  In fact, some even say that Providence has the most restaurants per capita of any U.S. city!

Due to the states ocean proximity, Providence, like many other New England cities, is known for its delicious, fresh seafood. Whether you’re looking for some fresh clams, or a huge lobster, the seafood in Providence is sure to please! Providence has many signature dishes that visitors and locals alike are sure to enjoy! There’s Rhode Island style clam chowder, made with clear, quahog clam juice as its base and plenty of cream for those chilly New England winter days.  Another local delicacy, clam cakes, battered and deep-fried, offer the best of both worlds with the richness of the clams, mixed with the crispiness of the fried batter.  If you’re feeling especially adventurous, try a Stuffie, which is a large Quahog clam stuffed with spices, onions, bread and sometimes even chorizo!

Avery Restaurant Consulting is thrilled to serve the Providence, RI area. Providence is a wonderful locale for not only seafood lovers, but anyone who appreciates great food cooked with attention to detail. Interested in getting your own restaurant started in this culinary haven? Jason Carron provides his culinary and business expertise to help you get started in the beautiful city of Providence. Whether you’re interested in opening a brand new restaurant or simply moving into an existing location, Jason will help your business reach its full potential. Jason will teach you the most efficient and effective practices of restaurant management, help you develop your own style, branding, and approach, and help you find effective staff for both the front and back of house within your restaurant.

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