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With a population nearing 130,000 people, Stamford, CT is one of the largest cities in Connecticut and is home to a variety of businesses. Stamford, CT sees plenty of tourists every year and those who visit the area are exposed to its shopping venues, parks, beaches, and quality dining options. When in Stamford, there is also a good chance you will come across a handful of Fortune 500 companies. This is due to the fact Stamford is considered one of the smartest and best financial districts in the New England area. 

Unofficially known as the “City that works”, Stamford is regarded as a city with plenty of job opportunities. In addition, Stamford’s proximity to New York City is a huge draw for many residents. One of the best things Stamford has going is the fact it is annually regarded as one of the safest Connecticut towns every year. 

downtown Stamford

If you like nautical cities and waterfronts, Stamford is a place for you. Stamford boasts some of the best public swimming and fishing in New England. Cove Island Park is a versatile park where on top of swimming, you can also go on a nice walk or bike ride. Love getting out on the water on a boat?  Boat rides are also very popular around Stamford when the weather is nice.

Overview of Stamford, CT
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Something you probably did not know about Stamford, CT is how diverse their dining options are. You probably knew that due to Stamfords proximity to the harbor, Stamford is home to many elegant seafood restaurants. What you did not know, however, is Stamford is also home to a handful of excellent BBQ joints. You do not have to travel all the way down south to get quality BBQ after all. Of course, if you are ever in the mood for a good ole fashion steakhouse, Stamford has plenty of those as well.  



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