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Located on a spectacular New Haven Harbor, New Haven is one of the largest cities in Connecticut right after Bridgeport. With the majority of the population residing in the Greater New Haven area, “The Elm City” is a diverse and dynamic urban community.

Unofficially known as the “Cultural Capital of Connecticut”, the abundance of museums and theatres attracts artists and art appreciators from all over the states. New Haven is also a home to the gifted intellectuals and academia from all over the world, studying and working at Yale University. 

Aerial view of New Haven square

Interestingly, New Haven is known to be the first “planned” city in the United States. When English Puritans first settled on the East Coast, the first city streets were laid out into 4-by-4 square-like grids, with a center block being the New Haven Green.

This planning trend started the “Nine Square Plan” – which is recognized by the American Planning Association and is commonly seen in nearly every city across America. This goes to show how historically, New Haveners have been making strategic decisions to maximize the potential of the city to the convenience of its residents and guests.

An aerial view of New Haven, CT
Thin-crust New Haven style pizza aka "apizza"
Kitchen staff training

The vibrant vibes of New Haven’s harbor location have long been a favorite spot for restaurateurs, bar owners, and food enthusiasts. A few years ago, New Haven was named one of the best “foodie cities” in the US, with over 60 Zagat-rated restaurants (third most in New England after Boston and Cambridge!). With the eclectic mix of ethnic cuisines and a high density of outstanding restaurants and bars in New Haven, the competition in the restaurant business keeps growing.



Some restaurants and fast food places in New Haven achieved a nationwide fame and popularity. Several pizzerias, such as Frank Pepe’s or Sally’s Apizza serve New Haven-style pizza (a.k.a “apizza”), distinct for its thin crust and original toppings. Some fast food places are known for their patents, such as Louis’ Lunch, which is claimed to be the inventor of the hamburgers and steak sandwich. At some other restaurants, there are chefs that help make a difference on a global scale – Miya’s is the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the world.

Jason Carron at Avery Restaurant Consulting with his son are accessing progress at Guilford Mooring restaurant reboot

With the abundance of gastronomic adventures, finding your niche can be tricky. At Avery Restaurant Consulting, we can help you develop the concept and curate the menu that’ll make you unique. Whether you own a fast-food place or an upscale restaurant, Jason Carron can give you a valuable advice on how to bring in guests, how to train kitchen and wait stuff, how to make a successful restaurant, and more. From the kitchen to the the front of house, we have the experience and knowledge of restaurant business. Contact Avery Restaurant Consulting and we’ll help you find your niche!

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