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Boston, Massachusetts is the largest and most populous city in New England. Greater Boston Area is a home to about 4.8 million residents and the City of Boston welcomes approximately 20 million tourists annually. On a global scale, Boston is known to be an international hub of higher education, technology, and engineering. With its rich history, beautiful architecture and convenient location, there’s always something to do the city. There are attractions at every corner: Downtown Crossing to Fenway, Cambridge to Seaport, you’ll find shops, museums, stadiums, and more. From Chinatown to Little Italy, the restaurant scene of Boston is a melting pot of world’s most invigorating cuisines.

The scenery of downtown Boston where Avery Restaurant Consulting operates
A busy bar scene with a variety of drinks

The restaurant business in Boston, Massachusetts is a high-potential investment and a major risk. The competition is tough, and there’s no option for a miscalculation. Incompetence in any aspect of restaurant ownership can cost you the reputation and the future of the establishment. If you do not have prior experience in restaurant management, your project has not been deemed successful, or you wish to optimize your current performance – consider consulting with Jason Carron.

Jason at Avery Restaurant Consulting has worked with a number of restaurateurs in the Greater Boston Area to help bring fresh and unique ideas to life. Jason is a pro in all aspects of restaurant’s inner working, from concept to menu, from the kitchen to the front of house, and beyond. Jason’s past clients in Boston, including Granary Tavern and Tuscan Kitchen, have undergone a total retooling of kitchen, menu, and personnel and now perform better than ever before.

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