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The South Shore of Massachusetts is a coastal region stretching south and east from Boston toward Cape Cod along the Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay. It is a varied territory giving multiple unique descriptions for the many municipalities encompassed within. In eastern Norfolk and Plymouth counties, for example, there’s a unique distinction given their history, beaches, and unexpected art. Two of the main attractors to the area are the Plymouth Plantation or the New Bedford Whaling Museum, pieces that celebrate the history of the founding of America and the very place that inspired Herman Melville’s famous tale, Moby Dick.

The South Shore is composed of a mix of suburban towns, mid-sized industrial cities, and rural towns. Despite the spectrum of residential areas, the South Shore contains Massachusetts’ largest concentration of Irish-Americans. A total of 6 of the whole United States’ 10 most Irish towns are located on the South Shore, blending together Irish culture with that found in New England. This gives the whole coastal area its own identity ready to be explored by curious tourists.

The scenic views along the shoreline make an excellent vacation spot for many tourists in Summer and history lovers during colder times of the year. Beautiful beaches and harbors, kind residents and fresh seafood attract Americans from Massachusetts and several other states. Avery Restaurant Consulting can help make opening a restaurant in this area simple and easy with specific marketing tactics to help your business attract as many residents and tourist as possible.

There will always be a large demand for New England seafood and clam chowder since it’s what the area is famous for across the United States. Competition keeps rising as more and more people seek to cash in on the industry. We can help you stand out amongst the rest whether you’re renovating an existing establishment or making something completely new. Staff training, menu development, and overall appeal can significantly increase your odds of success, contact us today for more information or assistance.

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