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Massachusetts’ North Shore is a coastal region between the Greater Boston Area and the southern border of New Hampshire. While there aren’t precisely defined borders of the area, most people consider the shoreline towns from Revere to Salisbury and the adjacent municipalities as North Shore. Historically, the North Shore has been considered a wealthy region of beach towns, various fishing villages, and the industrial suburbs of Boston. Today, this mesmerizing seaside territory is a crucial economic, historic, and cultural region of Massachusetts.

Some of the most well-known towns in the state are situated on the North Shore. Salem, also known as the City of Witches, is the world famous location of 17th Century Witch Trials. In early America, Salem was also one of the largest cities and most important shipping centers. The industrial Lynn was once considered the shoe capital of the US. The neighboring town of Peabody at some point in time had the greatest concentration of leather tanneries in the world. The town of Gloucester is believed to be the first fishing community in the nation.

With its numerous cozy cottages and scenic hotels, North Shore is a popular summer vacation destination. Breathtaking harbors and beaches, friendly and courteous residents, the abundance of fresh fish and seafood attract visitors not just from other places in Massachusetts, but from all over the nation.

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