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Middletown is a city located in Middlesex County, Connecticut. It is a fairly decent-sized city with a population of just under 50,000 residents now. Middletown boasts a handful of elegant restaurants. Our team always loves helping out restaurants in Connecticut and over the years, we have done plenty of work in Middletown. If you are a restaurant owner in Middletown or interested in opening a restaurant in Middletown, continue reading to learn how our team can help!

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Hospitality Consulting Services

In the restaurant industry, hospitality is the name of the game. Receiving strong hospitality services is something most customers expect when they go to restaurants. While providing good hospitality services seems like common sense, there are still a handful of restaurants that lack in this area. At Avery Restaurant Consulting, our team can help your restaurant staff learn new ways to provide more friendly interactions.

Food and Beverage Services

The best restaurants change or update their menus a few times a year. If your restaurant menu is due for a revamp, our team can give a handful of pointers. We understand that how a food tastes is essential to attracting and maintaining guests. If it is time to refine your menu, our consulting services can make it happen.

Training & Retention Services

Hiring restaurant staff is one thing. Training and preparing them for the job is another. Ensuring that your staff is properly trained and prepared will set them and the restaurant up for the most success. Our team has helped numerous restaurants over the years train their staff. With decades of experience in the food industry, we always love to share our expertise and experience. Restaurants tend to see a high turnover rate every year. If your restaurant is looking for ways to increase retention rates, we can help in that department as well.

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Jason Carron conducting food and beverage consulting
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At Avery Restaurant Consulting, we can help your restaurant business soar to the next level. Whether you are just opening or believed you have plateaued, we can work with you to sort out the kinks. With numerous years of helping other restaurants, we are sure we can help you succeed on a higher level. Let’s make it your way, and let’s make it legendary!  

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