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Jason Carron oversees the progress at a restaurant remodel

Optimize Your Workflow

Flow, or as we like to say “in the zone” is a huge key to optimizing your staff and operations. At Avery, we set up the flow pattern for you and train your staff so they are always “in the zone”. Unfortunately, you can never have an “off” night and we use our expertise to show you how to prevent it and to work out of it. Here at Avery Restaurant Consulting, we have been through the “zone” at every level and have been extremely successful at mastering it. Let us help get “in the zone”!


Our Areas of Expertise

Restaurant Consulting

Back Office Support

We can set up all your Micros/Posi/Etc systems to work within your guidelines. Cost controls in place and functional. Avery Consulting will help you reach attainable goals through effective budgeting and training.  Let us give you the foundation you need to build your dreams.

Avery Restaurant Consulting training bartenders, wait staff and kitchen staff as a part of food and beverage consulting

Dining Room Operations

Avery Consulting can set you up for success by proper guidance and training of your front of house staff, which will streamline your operation and turn the dining room and bar into a profit maker. Hands on staff training, selling techniques and product knowledge. From the smile at the front door to the placing of the dinnerware, we are here for you.

Avery Restaurant Consulting in the kitchen

Management 101

Trying  to get the right people? Hard to train people to be like minded and have the same goals? With our knowledge and training backgrounds we can do that for you. Hire, train and support all of your management needs.

Chef Jason Carron training restaurant kitchen staff

Heart of The House AKA The Kitchen

Avery Consulting has a solid background of setting up kitchens from scratch, keeping inventory levels low and building for speed. Whether you need help getting the right menu to work, or the right recipes in your chefs hands, we ARE your one stop shop for ALL of your kitchen needs.

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