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Jason Carron at Avery Restaurant Consulting training bartenders and wait staff at Guilford Mooring, Guilford CT

Hospitality Consultant in New England

In any branch of the service industry, hospitality is the key to customer satisfaction and loyalty. From small businesses to large corporations, there’s no company that doesn’t benefit from good service. Standing out against the competition in a high-stakes area like New England is no easy task. If you think your business is lacking in the customer satisfaction department, Avery Restaurant Consulting can help. 

Jason Carron oversees the progress at a restaurant remodel

What is Hospitality Consulting? 

Hospitality consulting is a way of monitoring your business’s operations and learning where there’s room for improvement. Once you’re able to focus on your areas of weakness, you can improve the overall customer experience. Hospitality consulting works by hiring a professional consultant to evaluate and offer tips on how you can create better customer satisfaction, loyalty, and higher revenue with the use of hospitality in every aspect of your business.

Why Hospitality Matters?

Hospitality includes all expects of customer service and providing a positive guest experience. Hospitality means going above and beyond to be friendly to every guest you serve. The affected industries include food service, hotels, the medical industry, and much more. Any field that involves customer contact can grow and succeed thanks to good hospitality.

Our Services

When you contact Jason Carron, you get an initial phone consultation, so be prepared to describe your challenges and goals. Our services include providing a detailed report of where your business is lacking hospitality and tips to help improve. Each custom report will give you a detailed objective to work towards. This helps provide your business with a clear vision for the future and achievable goals to improve the customer experience.

At Avery Restaurant Consulting, we understand that each service industry requires a different type of hospitality, so we work to tailor each service we offer to your individual needs. The New England service industry market is especially competitive, so staying at the top of your game is vital. When there are so many competitors in the same industry as you, outstanding customer experience is often the only thing that will lead a customer to use your services rather than the competitors. 

If you’re looking to utilize hospitality consulting services to reach new heights in customer satisfaction, give us a call today. We’re ready to help explain our services further and teach you how hospitality counseling is the key you’re missing to rise above your competitors. With years in restaurant consulting, Jason is more than qualified to give you the help you need to maximize revenue, optimize your operations, and leave a lasting impression on your customers!

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