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York is a town in the York County of Maine. The town is closing in on 14,000 residents and is known for its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Often a popular area for tourists, York is full of many restaurants. Over the years, the team at Avery Restaurant Consulting has had the privilege of offering a variety of consulting services to the York community. Our team loves what it does and always takes pride in helping restaurants. If you are a York, Maine restaurant owner, continue reading to learn how our services can benefit your restaurant!

York, Maine Operations and Management Consulting Services 

How a restaurant is operated and managed is pivotal to its success. Over our years in the industry, we have helped guide numerous restaurants on operation and management strategies. If you feel like your restaurant needs improvement in this area, we will gladly help you devise a plan and execute it. 

Training and Retention Consulting Services

How you go about training your employees and retaining them is essential. If your restaurant needs new methods regarding effectively training employees, we can offer a handful of solutions. Consulting with restaurants on how to train employees is something we have done for quite some time. In addition, if your restaurant is struggling to retain employees, we can help your restaurant devise a plan to increase retention rates. 

Food and Beverage Consulting Services 

Is your restaurant menu in need of a revamp? Our consulting team can help you enhance your menu in a handful of ways. We can help you redesign your menu to attract more guests, increase profit margins and improve efficiency. 

Restaurant Consulting in York, Maine 

When you need a restaurant consulting team to help you improve your restaurant, you can count on us! We leave no stones unturned and have over a decade of experience in the industry! If you restaurant goals are not being met, contact us today to hear how we can help fix that! 

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