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When you hear and think of Portland, you may think of the large city in Oregon. Despite their similarities, Portland, Maine is to not be mistaken with Portland, Oregon! Portland, Maine is by far the largest city in the state of Maine! Founded in the late 1700s, Portland, Maine is known for its strong economy and tourism. The city houses nearly 70,000 residents and sees over a million tourists per year on average! Inside the city of Portland, you will find the NBA’s affiliate Maine Red Claws, museums, mansions, and great seafood! In Portland, you will also find beautiful views and lighthouses. Portland, Maines proximity to the waterfronts makes it an ideal city for any type of seafood. The city of Portland has a rich history of famous lobster and is able to serve some of the freshest lobster in the country. If you are in the mood for a huge lobster, Portland, Maine will not disappoint you. Portland, Maine is only about a 2-hour drive from the city of Boston. When you are in Portland, Maine, you have to try all the delicious seafood that is offered within the city! If you are a big fan of seafood and fun sights, Portland, Maine is the place you need to check out!

Avery Restaurant Consulting is thrilled to serve the Portland, Maine area. Portland is an attractive locale for not only seafood lovers, but anyone who appreciates great food cooked with attention to detail. Interested in getting your own restaurant started in this culinary haven? Jason Carron provides his culinary and business expertise to help you get started in the beautiful city of Portland. Whether you’re interested in opening a brand new restaurant or simply moving into an existing location, Jason will help your business reach its full potential. Jason will teach you the most efficient and effective practices of restaurant management, help you develop your own style, branding, and approach, and help you find effective staff for both the front and back of the house within your restaurant.


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