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Newburyport, MA is a gorgeous city located about 30 miles north of Boston. Newburyport is a fantastic summer destination and many believe it is a hidden treasure amongst the state of Massachusetts. Newburyport is now home to over 18,000 residents and is regarded as a coastal city. Thanks to its proximity to water, Newburyport is an excellent choice for summer relaxation and seafood. If you are a foodie when it comes to seafood, Newburyport is a place you have to check out this summer! Newburyport always has a Cape Cod vibe to it and is home to one of the most underrated beaches in Massachusetts: Plum Island Beach. Plum Island Beach offers a beautiful setting and scenery for visitors. The beach is now open to the public and is a great spot to visit before or after you get a bite to eat. Another fun attraction in Newburyport is the Custom House Maritime Museum. This is a unique museum that tells maritime stories of the past and contains historical artifacts of the founding of Newburyport. A must-see if you are a fan of museums.

The restaurants in Newburyport are of high quality and the seafood options are endless! If you love oysters, lobsters, clams, etc. in the Summertime, Newburyport will not disappoint you. The seafood in Newburyport is as fresh as it gets due to it being a coastal city. In the summertime, Newburyport is always a prime location for seafood. If you are a seafood lover, visit Newburyport to see the tasty options yourself!

If you would like to open a seafood restaurant, Newburyport is a great place to do so. The restaurant industry is a competitive space but if you are committed and passionate about being a restaurant owner, then follow through! Jason at Avery Restaurant Consulting has worked with a number of restaurants in the Greater Boston Area to help bring fresh and unique ideas to life. Jason can provide the necessary restaurant consulting to get your restaurant up and running smoothly. Avery Restaurant Consulting can take YOUR restaurant business to a new level and make YOU stand out among your competition. Our professional team can help you revitalize an outdated plan or help start from scratch! From menu development to staff training, we bring professionalism, organization, and results to your kitchen.  Contact us today and get started towards your goals!

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