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A scenic lighthouse in the coastal town of Guilford, CT

One of the most affluent towns of the New Haven County, Guilford is known for its beautiful coastal scenery and historic architecture. The town proudly hosts the third largest collection of historic homes in New England, with important buildings from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Located on the Guilford Harbor, there are plenty of parks, beaches, and islands to explore. 

If you’re a restaurateur, Guilford is a great location to invest in. The town is a home to over 22,000 people, and according to some sources, the average household income of a Guilfordian family is about two times higher than US average. Seemingly, people tend to dine out quite often. Besides, Guilford Harbor is a plentiful source of fresh fish and seafood.

Tourists from all over the Northeast come to visit Guilford’s beautiful coastal scenery. Evidently, the competition among the exquisite and atmospheric oceanside bars and restaurants doesn’t stop growing. One of Avery Restaurant Consulting’s most successful clients, Guilford Mooring, has been attracting more guests than ever since the reboot we completed over a year ago. For almost 20 years in business, the restaurant sought to get to the forefront of the Connecticut shoreline dining scene. We brought in contractors for a full interior remodel. Additionally, we took care of the atmosphere – from lighting to music. From staff re-training to menu development, Avery Restaurant Consulting re-organized the structure and the feel of Guilford Mooring.

Jason Carron at Avery Restaurant Consulting training bartenders and wait staff at Guilford Mooring, Guilford CT

In case you didn’t know, Guilford is also a hometown of Avery Restaurant Consulting – this is exactly where we started our journey. Since then, we’ve expanded to other parts on Connecticut and as well as to the neighboring states. We believe that every restaurant has its unique potential, that needs to be recognized and developed.

So let’s make something great together. 

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