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What We Do

We here at Avery Consulting know that the right product is essential to attracting guests. We help refine your menu to not only be delicious, but cost effective and quick out of the kitchen. In addition to creating the right cuisine based off of your concept, we also create wine, beer and spirits lists that cater to both the season and your clientele. We do this through close attention to the market and its trends. We provide you with the right product, at the right time, for the right consumer.

Our Areas of Expertise

Wine Pairings

Wine can be intimidating or even a second thought. However, it is a surefire way to increase sales and enhance your guests’ experience. We train your staff and your culinary team to understand and recommend unique and approachable pairings.

Featured Cocktails & Spirits

Sometimes you just need a drink. You need THAT drink. That smoky, peaty scotch or that fruity summertime in a glass. Whatever your poison may be, you have a place that you go to get it. Featured drinks and cocktails are the backbone of your bar. We help you create the cocktails for your concept that keeps your bar full.

Craft Beer

Beer is no longer the blue collar only beverage. Through growth in the craft market, and endless advertising, beer is a staple for an attractive drink list. Whether it be fine dining or an Irish Pub, we find the right offering for your guests.

Special Occasions

Special occasions are the ultimate sign of trust with a guest. We all have that place where we take mom for her birthday or that group of clients that you are trying to impress. That relationship is developed through consistency and execution. Through creative menus, banquet service training, and specialty pairings, we help you cultivate a loyal guest base, which is integral to the success of your business.

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