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Jason Carron explains menu development as part of restaurant consulting

Develop Your Concept

You have great ideas and grand plans. You also have an opening deadline, untrained staff, inspections to pass,  permits to get, and procedures to put in place. It is one of the hardest parts of the business and you only get one chance to make a first impression. With over 50 restaurants opened, we have the recipe to have all of these variables in line for that first day when the doors unlock. We will work with you to understand your concept while accounting for all of the minor details that are a necessity for your company’s image and growth.

Our Areas of Expertise

Jason Carron at Avery Restaurant Consulting developing new menu for a restaurant client


The plan is in place and now it’s time to put it on paper. Avery Consulting creates your menu to be aesthetically pleasing and transitional for your kitchen. We manage the content so that it is approachable for any guest and executed with ease.

Avery Restaurant Consulting training bartenders, wait staff and kitchen staff as a part of food and beverage consulting

Bar Scene

The bar is the nucleus of your restaurant. Do your guests feel welcome, warm staff and vibrant atmosphere? Lights right? Music too loud? Martini menu too much? Let us help you build that scene. We will help grow it and make sure the guests keep coming back!

Avery Restaurant Consulting conducting retraining of kitchen staff and wait staff


Are you in the right area for you concept? What is the restaurant scene like around you? Demographics? We can help you compete with the best and properly market to your target guests. Building a name and creating an image is one of the most important steps, and we’ll guide you through.

Work in progress as a reconstruction of a bar area


Did you take over an old establishment? Worried the “curse” of old will haunt you. It won’t, and we’ll give you the confidence and tools to do so. Want to remodel? Change concepts. Lets do it!! We can make it easy and help you turn it around.

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