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Waterbury, Connecticut is the 5th largest city in the state, and over 100,000 Connecticut residents call it home. Waterbury, much like its name indicates, is located along Naugatuck river. Over time, Waterbury has earned the nickname “The Brass City” as it has produced countless clocks, watches, and other brass items.

If you like exploring and new adventures, there is plenty to do in Waterbury. The Mattatuck Museum will fill you in on everything you need to know regarding the history of the town. If you like parks, the Liberty park is held in high regard by Waterbury residents. Liberty park is a great place to get exercise and take in a special event. Waterbury, CT, also offers a wide variety of cuisine.  From Mexican dishes, to Italian dishes, to American dishes, to even Turkish dishes, Waterbury restaurants offer a unique selction.

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In 2021, Waterbury, CT offers its resources to help local and national businesses thrive. We highly recommend you check out this unique Connecticut town if you have not already. 

In the world of the restaurant business, Waterbury does not face as much competition as its neighboring Connecticut towns and cities. Restaurants in Waterbury are still lacking in terms of international cuisine options. If you are interested in opening a restaurant in Connecticut, Waterbury might be just to location for you. 

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