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Located in Fairfield County, Danbury is another largest city in the state of Connecticut. With over 85,000 residents, Danbury is considered one of the most “liveable” cities within the state. Located roughly 70 miles away from New York City, Danbury residents are within a reasonable distance to one of the largest markets in the country. 

Danbury’s history goes all the way back to the Revolutionary war when British troops invaded the city and a standoff ensued. A fun fact about the city is it was once nicknamed “Bean town” long before the city of Boston was. In the early days of Danbury, settlers would find a countless number of beans within the city.

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Today, Danbury offers its many resources to local and national businesses. Across the nation, Danbury is known to be a pipeline to the creations of electronics, machines, and furniture. The world is as reliant on those creations more so than ever, and Danbury continues to deliver. Residents and visitors will see no shortage of museums in the city. There are a handful of different museums one can choose from in Danbury. 

In the world of the restaurant business, Danbury has numerous local eateries and household chains. Danbury, CT features many Italian restaurants but also offers American, Asian and other types of cuisine. There is definitely a market for restaurants in the Danbury area. With a large and growing population, along with a handful of attractions, Danbury, CT is a quality location for a new restaurant. If you are interested in opening a restaurant in the Danbury area, just contact us!  

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