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Bridgeport, Connectocut is the largest city in the state and the fifth most populous in New England. With over 150,000 residents, this seaport community is a major cultural, historic, economic and athletic center. Nowadays, Bridgeport is renowned for its public park system, which has led to its official nickname as “the Park City”.

Originally, Bridgeport was one of the first western colonies in North America, flourishing thanks to shipbuilding, whaling, agriculture, and trade. Bridgeport politicians and citizens had been faced with a number of challenges that arose after WW2, including deindustrialization and unemployment. Fortunately, the overall improvement of the economic situation has been consistent amid Bridgeport’s redevelopment earlier this century.

Night lights on the street in downtown Bridgeport

Today, Bridgeport offers its resources to thriving local and national businesses. Over the past several years, the city has clearly changed for the better thanks to the growing investments and new development projects. Not that long ago, MGM announced their big plans to build the shopping mall and the casino in Bridgeport. Just imagine how many tourists will it attract!

In the world of the restaurant business, Bridgeport has stories to tell. For centuries, local farms and fishers have been harvesting organic vegetables, fruits, meats, and fish. In the late 19th century, it’s believed Bridgeport made history in the food world. The infamous Frisbie Pie Company was located here, so the credit of inventing frisbee goes to Bridgeport students, throwing FPC’s tin plates during lunches.

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Some inventions are accidental, some are planned. At Avery Restaurant Consulting, we love to improvise, however, these days we need more substantial, knowledgeable and competitive restaurateurs. Whether it’s a fast food restaurant geared towards Bridgeport’s busy students, or a sports bar for all the Bluefish fans to enjoy, or an upscale waterfront restaurant booked out for weddings and special events – let’s make it your way, and let’s make it legendary!  

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